2011/2012 Tax Form 2290 Due Date

There may be some delays in the opening of the 2011/2012 annual filing season for Tax Form 2290. The IRS has not yet published the final 2011/2012 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, nor are they accepting paper or e-filings at this time.

At an IRS industry meeting in Washington DC last week, we learned that the extension of this tax legislation is tied up in Congress. New legislation must be passed before the IRS can collect the 2011/2012 Tax Form 2290 for an entire year. Some of you may recall a similar delay with income taxes this past year. It wasn’t until late in December that Congress finalized the tax laws. Only then could computers be programmed to calculate and collect the correct tax. We expect a similar delay with respect to Tax Form 2290 this year.

Congress has bigger issues on its plate right now and may not act quickly enough to restore the normal Tax Form 2290 annual filing. The IRS will wait as long as possible so that a single tax return is all that will be necessary for the 2011/2012 tax year. However, a back-up plan is in place so that a 3-month tax (July, August and September) can be collected by the August 31st filing deadline. When new legislation is passed, it will determine what happens for the remainder of the 2011/2012 tax year.

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Early Filing for Tax Form 2290

Our website, www.2290Tax.com is ready now for 2011/2012 Tax Form 2290. You can take advantage of the time you have available and “Start A Return” for yourself or your clients. That way, if the filing deadline is not pushed back and the filing season is shortened you will be ready! Make all the updates to the Company and Fleet for 2011/2012 and stop when you get to Step 4. The Tax Form 2290 will be saved for you to finish at a later date.

Once Congress and the IRS finalize the tax for the current year, we will send an e-mail notice to our Users that the filing season is open and returns can be filed. All you will have to do is log back on to www.2290Tax.com, retrieve the Tax Form 2290 you have already created and submit it for e-filing. The web site will re-calculate the taxes due automatically and create a correct return!

Visit our YouTube Videos for details and instructions for early Tax Form 2290 filing.

Schedule 1 for DMV Renewals

June, July, August & September

Due to the delay in filing Tax Form 2290 for the 2101/2011 year, the IRS has issued an official communication to remind everyone that last year’s Schedule 1 (2010/2011) can be used as proof of payment for DMV renewal applications in June, July, August and September. This document is available HERE and in the Support Center of our website for you to download anytime it is needed.

Download the IRS Notice Here

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