Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax Postponed

Under current law, Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax filing ends after September 30, 2011. The IRS has issued a temporary regulation that postpones to November 30, 2011 the due date to file Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax for the period beginning July 1, 2011 for vehicles used during the months of July, August, and September, 2011.

Although the IRS will not provide a receipted Schedule 1 (Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax) as proof of payment until after November 1, 2011, you can still log-in to your account at now and e-file early. This allows you to file it and forget it! Just watch your email in November to see if there are any changes to the form that require your approval, and of course, watch for your Stamped Schedule 1 (Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax).

DMV Renewals & Form 2290 Heavy Use tax

Many of you may be wondering about getting your vehicles renewed at the DMV without a 2011-2012 Stamped Schedule 1 for Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax. Either you are trying to register a good ol’ truck that you have had since way back when, or a brand spankin’ new truck that you just added to your fleet. In either case, has found the IRS Approved Solution to meet your needs.

Good Ol’ Trucks & Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax

You can print this document and include it with your 2010-2011 Stamped Schedule 1 for your DMV Renewal if your expiration is between July and November 2011. The DMV will be required to accept the old Schedule 1 as proof of payment and this document is the IRS Regulation that says so. If you forgot to file for 2010-2011 you can do it now.

Brand Spankin’ New Trucks & Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax

If you purchase a truck between July and November you can use the Bill of Sale in the place of your Stamped Schedule 1. Include this document with your bill of sale just in case. Then be ready to file your Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax for 2011-2012 in November.


Starting this year, the IRS will no longer mail out Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax returns. Although alternate sources are available to obtain a tax form, you may want to consider filing Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax electronically.

The electronic version of Form 2290 will improve excise tax processing, save personal resources (time & postage) and reduce preparation and processing errors. Your Schedule 1 is available for printing immediately after your Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax is accepted by the IRS.

Remember, you cannot e-file forms directly with the IRS but can. Please tell all of your buddies, your insurance agent, your tax guy, and anyone else you know in the industry, so that no one is late for this filing. Penalties will be assessed on all late filings at a rate close to 5.5% per month. Don’t let you or your friends pay penalties! Tell them about e-filing Form 2290 Heavy Use Tax with today!!

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