2290 Tax Form Instructions

July and August are usually the busy months for filing your 2290 Tax Form otherwise known as Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax returns. For the past year, fleets of 25 vehicles or more have been required by the IRS to e-file their 2290 Tax Form. For those of you with less than 25 trucks in your fleet, why not try e-filing, it’s fast, accurate, convenient and secure. Websites like www.2290Tax.com are designed for e-filing and make completing your 2290 Tax Form so easy you can do it yourself, saving you time and money!

Here’s how easy it is to e-file your 2290 Tax Form

Go to www.2290Tax.com, and enter your tax ID number, company name assigned by the IRS, your VIN# and your preferred method of payment for taxes due to the IRS. The website has easy fill-in-the-blank forms, help text along the way and knowledgeable support staff to answer any questions about filing your 2290 Tax Form.

E-filing is Fast, Accurate and Convenient. Try it and see for yourself! FAST means not having to go anywhere to get the job done. No standing in lines at the IRS with your 2290 Tax Form and check. No waiting for the IRS to mail back a stamped Schedule 1. No misplacing the Schedule 1 and searching for it. No faxing the IRS to request copies of your stamped Schedule 1. Just go online, type in the web address (www.2290Tax.com), register and e-file your 2290 Tax Form. Come back to the website later (usually the same day) and your stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS will be waiting for you!

ACCURACY is achieved because all 2290 Tax Form calculations are done by the computer. Human errors with incorrect tax rates (especially prorated taxes) are eliminated! Credits are easy to take because the computer does all the figuring for you. Not only that – the IRS can tell immediately if you have already paid taxes on a vehicle for a particular tax period. No more paying taxes twice on the same vehicle and waiting months to get your money back! Any duplicate return is rejected immediately and you are saved the pain and suffering of correcting mistakes with the IRS.

CONVENIENCE means your Stamped Schedule 1 is at your fingertips. Anywhere you can access a computer you can download your 2290 Tax Form and Schedule 1’s – 24/7/365. When you need another copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 to register your vehicles – it is still as close as the nearest computer. These web based applications make your life on the road so easy! Your important papers are with you everywhere you go!

SECURITY is a prime consideration for the IRS and its e-file Partners. The most advanced technology has been put into place to ensure data security. All data transfers are encrypted and payment options are varied so that you can be assured your 2290 Tax Form information is properly handled. Social Security Numbers are never used – only Tax ID Numbers are used to e-file your 2290 Tax Form. In addition – only authorized IRS e-File Providers are approved to assist you. The IRS lists the companies transmitting your data on their website. You can go to www.irs.gov and search “2290 partners” to be sure any company you use to prepare or transmit taxes is registered and approved by the IRS.

TRY e-filing your 2290 Tax Form this year – you’ll be glad you did!