Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 update

Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 – usually due August 31 – is now due on November 30, 2011. The current IRS heavy highway vehicle use tax Form 2290 is currently scheduled to expire on September 30, 2011.

According to the Federal Register, the November 30 filing deadline for the tax period beginning July 1, 2011 applies to vehicles used during July as well as those first used during August and September 2011. The Register went on to say that Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 should not be filed or paid prior to November 1, 2011.

In order to accommodate truckers that need to apply for vehicle registration on or before the Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 extended filing date of November 30, the new regulation is requiring states to accept a stamped schedule 1 as proof of payment for Form 2290 issued the prior year ending June 30, 2011.

In order for truckers to register vehicles within their states, they are required to show proof of payment for Form 2290 Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Typically, after a trucker pays this tax, a Schedule 1 is stamped and returned to them as proof of payment so they can register their vehicle(s) with the state.

Due to the delay in filing Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012, new regulations require states to register a new or used vehicle that was purchased between the July and November 2011 time period provided the person trying to register the vehicle presents a copy of the bill of sale or similar document showing the vehicle was purchased in the previous 150 days.

We know the delay in filing Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 has caused a lot of confusion. In addition, many of you are not familiar with e-filing your 2290 tax form. Recently, the IRS sent out information urging truckers to e-file their Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 rather then mail them in. makes e-filing your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax quick and easy. By e-filing with, you’ll receive your stamped schedule 1 within minutes.

To e-file, get started by clicking here or of you prefer, contact us and we’ll walk you through how to e-file Form 2290 for 2011 – 2012 now.