Dealing With IRS in 5 Easy Steps

Did you get a notice from the IRS? Have you already looked it up in our IRS Notice Decoder? Are you still unsure what to do?

Let me break it down for you. If you get an IRS notice follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Read the whole notice carefully. Often there’s a section titled “What you need to do” and simply following those instructions will solve the problem.
  2. Check your records to see if they match what the IRS is saying. Often the IRS sends out notices in error, and your only way to be sure is to check your own records. If the IRS says you didn’t pay, but you can see the taxes have come out of your account, you’re right and they are wrong.
  3. Call the IRS 2290 Hotline at 866-699-4096. Don’t call any other number because the people at this number are the ONLY ones who understand 2290. But do call that number, because when you have what they have asked you for, or proof that the notice they sent you was wrong, they are the ones who can fix it.
  4. ALWAYS write down the name and badge number of EVERY IRS operator you speak to. If they give you bad advice, or promise to call you back and don’t, having that info is going to save your bacon.
  5. ALWAYS be polite to the IRS. The phone operator isn’t the one who made the mistake, or sent your notice, or threatened to levy your account. But they are the only people who can help you get it straightened out. The only people who can answer your questions. The only people who can check with the IRS has on file. So be nice to them, and they will help you.

If that doesn’t get you everything you need then call us!! We’re always here and happy to help!

Written by Casey Bullard