Does That Penalty Notice Look Funny to You?

Did you get a penalty notice – but you KNOW you filed, and you KNOW you paid your taxes? Well then you, like many others, may have gotten a mistaken penalty notice.

This isn’t the first time the IRS has done this. In 2012 the IRS even issued a statement. You can read more about that here.

If you KNOW your taxes are paid then you can choose to disregard the notice. The IRS should be sending out corrected statements around the 20th if your account is in good standing. If you get one, you’re in the clear. If you don’t get one, I would call IRS just to be safe.

Toll Free: 866-699-4096
International: 859-669-5733

Only the IRS can tell you if they have received taxes, and sometimes even they need your help to do that. Have your proof of payment handy just in case it’s needed. (A cancelled check or a debit to your checking account will work nicely.)

As always, I recommend being super sweet to any IRS Operator you speak with. Write down their name and badge number and save it along with whatever notes you make somewhere you can find it again.

And let us know if we can help!

Written by Casey Bullard

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