Should I e-File?

You have two options to file the 2290 Tax Form. You can paper file or e-file.

Paper File

Paper filing is quickly becoming the old fashion way to file your 2290 tax form. Paper filing can be time consuming and tedious. You first have to fill out the form and then mail it or submit the form to your local IRS office.

What if you make a mistake on the form?

  • A mistake on your 2290 Form can prolong the process of receiving your stamped Schedule 1. If the IRS finds that you made a mistake they will mail you back your form so that you can correct it and resend.
  • Now, at the IRS office if there is a mistake found on your form you have to correct it and then stand back in line to resubmit the form again. From what our customers have reported, visits to your local IRS office can take hours and it has become common for them to turn you away because they are so swamped.


E-Filing is just simpler and faster. It takes 10-15 minutes to file the 2290 Tax Form and just 20 minutes for the IRS to process and accept the return. Now that is what I call fast. It beats having to wait all day at the IRS office or your for paperwork to be mailed back to you. You can e-file your 2290 Tax Form anywhere!

And guess what? If you use us to file your tax return you get an added bonus because you get to call us if you have any questions or concerns. We have no extensions so you get to reach us directly. You don’t have file your federal tax return by yourself, give us a call we are more than happy to walk you through each step of the way.

Want to E-File your taxes? Click Here and we will show you what you need and how to get started.

Written by Yesenia Carrillo