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ELD: Key Things to Know

July 14, 2017

Written by Yesenia Carrillo

ELD mandate will take effect on December 16, 2017. Truckers who use paper log books will need to have a FMCSA approved ELD installed in their truck before the deadline. Failure to comply with the electronic log mandate will result in high fines or in mandatory shut down of businesses.

It is in the best interest of all truckers to be informed and prepared before December 16, 2017. Doing so will save time and money. With so many ELD options out there, how do you know you are selecting a reliable ELD?

Here are some key things to know before choosing an ELD.

Self Certification  

Registered FMCSA ELDs are self certified by the manufacturer. Self certification means an ELD manufacturer completed the ELD FMCSA registration with the absence of any reviewal by the FMCSA. Therefore, not all certified ELDs are created the same. It is up to the consumer to determine if the ELD is compliant.

Compliant ELD

In your ELD search, the most important thing to look for is that the ELD is compliant. A compliant electronic logging device is one that meets all FMCSA guidelines.

ELD Implementation National Tour 

FMCSA is currently hosting the National ELD Tour to educate the public on the transition to electronic logging devices. Dates and locations are listed below.

Additional Information:

Click to view FMCSA Registered ELDs 

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