How to Spot an All American IRS 2290 Tax Provider

Did you think that just because a company is an IRS 2290 tax provider approved to e-file your HVUT form that they are located in the good old U.S.A? How can you find out where your IRS 2290 Tax e-file provider is located? And how can you keep your business and taxpayer information from going off shore?

When the federal government began to nudge truckers towards IRS 2290 tax e-filing, they were hoping to accomplish many things.

First they wanted to make e-filing the 2290 Tax Form easier, more secure and faster for truckers. Second they wanted to go green and e-filing is a quick and easy way to save paper. And finally, they were hoping to create American Jobs.

By allowing private business to help truckers e-file their IRS 2290 Tax form they expected to create jobs here in the USA. However, many of these companies seem to be owned or operated off shore. Foreign Call Centers or a complete lack of phone support have become common.

So how can you tell which companies are ALL American, and which are off shore?

The hard news is that you can’t!! But you can keep reading for a few tips that will steer you in a more American direction.
Know who is IRS approved – By visiting the federal government’s website, you’ll see a list of approved providers. But don’t be fooled into picking the first one on this big list. The order of this list changes daily. Make sure you check out a few providers before you choose the right one for you. Look for contact information, something specific to your needs, and price.

Contact Information

Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few, be sure to find the phone numbers and call them! The All American business will answer the phone – in English – and handle any questions in a helpful manner. Many of these other companies don’t offer a phone number – so think twice before you choose them to e-file your IRS 2290 Tax.

Remember, it’s not only about getting e-filed as quickly as possible. It’s about the future too! If you need help with anything like printing an extra copy of your Stamped Schedule 1, or getting a new password, or understanding an IRS notice, it can be very difficult without someone who is trained and excited to help you.

Pick something specific to your needs.

We all like “one stop shops” but let’s face it, this is Trucking. The specifics of this business are different. Look for more than just an IRS 2290 tax pro. You want someone who can answer questions about Trucking. Someone who’s been in the industry for a while, and knows how safety, registration and fuel tax reporting all fit together. Someone who has actually met a trucker before, and understands your daily hardships. Someone you might run into at the grocery store or at a little league baseball game.

Don’t choose a company only because they promise to be fast, or easy, or green. IRS e-file IS fast, and easy, and green – that’s the whole point! Look for that little something extra!


Now it’s time to look at pricing. Usually the lower the price, the further away from the USA they are located. It’s cheaper to operate outside our border which means the prices these off shore companies can charge is less. For an all American company, a big portion of the price you pay will go towards supporting jobs in the US. When someone from a US based company answers your call, you know exactly who is reviewing your private taxpayer information, and where your credit card numbers are going. We’ve met truckers who don’t think about privacy when they are trying to save a few bucks – but if you want to keep our economy strong, and get all American service, then that’s not a risk you should be willing to take.

In today’s impersonal and computer driven world, it’s easy to take business off shore and save a few bucks. But trucking has always been an All American Industry. Choose a US based All American business to support your Trucking business needs today!
And remember – is the only Family Owned and Operated, All American 2290 e-file provider out there. Call us at (909) 596-0050 and see for yourself!

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