IRS Finalizes Due Date for the 2012, 2290 Tax Form

The Original IRS announcement earlier this month regarding the due date of the 2012 2290 Tax Form has been updated. Initially, the IRS planned to shut down the e-file system at Noon Eastern Time and they weren’t sure when e-file would re-open.

IRS Post Card about Form 2290 Due Date
The IRS now states in this post card, they will shut down at 1:00pm Eastern Time (giving you an extra hour to get e-filed on time) and that they will reopen on Tuesday September 4th. Click the image above for a PDF copy you can print or save in your records.

It is highly recommended that you e-file no later then Thursday August 30th, at least one business day before the deadline. will allow Form 2290 submissions during the e-file shut down but forms won’t be accepted by the IRS until they reopen in September.

To ensure that you aren’t late, and don’t receive a penalty notice in error, your return must be accepted, and the IRS must have your tax dollars no later than Thursday August 30th.

It would also be a good idea to e-file any returns you need for the month of September NOW. While the IRS says they plan to open on Tuesday September 4th, these things don’t always go according to plan. You can and should e-file your September returns early.

This means, if your registration is due or if you’re buying a new truck in August, it is highly recommend that you e-file before Thursday August 30th to avoid any confusion or delay.

The IRS Says e-file is the “best way to go…”

In this same post card, the IRS told all taxpayers that e-file is the best way to file.

“The electronic version of Form 2290 will improve excise tax processing, save personal resources (for example, time and postage) and reduce preparation and processing errors.”

No matter your fleet size, the IRS wants you to e-file. With e-filed returns accepted by the IRS the same business day, and the whole e-filing process usually taking an hour or less, it’s your best bet to be on time. Don’t pay penalties and interest – make sure you e-file on time.

Zero Penalty Goal

On a personal level, we here at 2290Tax have a Zero Penalty Goal for all of our customers. In this modern age, there is no reason why any trucker should pay late penalties and interest. So we’ll do everything in our power to be sure that you know it’s time to e-file. We’ll start by putting all the tools at your finger tips to make e-filing easy and accurate. We’ll follow up by staying in contact with you throughout the year so you’re always up to date on Form 2290 news. And we’ll conclude our effort by reminding you with email that it’s time to e-file until your Form 2290 is done!

Hopefully this will save truckers just like you thousands of dollars in IRS Penalties and Interest.

Keep in Touch

Stay up to date with changes like this one by keeping in touch with us here at 2290Tax. There are lots of ways, and you can choose any or all of them.



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