Before Filing the 2290 Online

To make the filing process quicker and easier, I recommend you gather your information before you start. This will make filing the Form 2290 online even simpler than it already is.

Register With Our Website

In order to file with us, you must create an account with us. Registration is totally free (my favorite price) and takes all of a few minutes. Here’s some of the information you’ll need:

*It is important that you use an EIN and not a Social Security Number (SSN). The IRS does not accept SSN’s for this tax. If you do not have an EIN, read this article for instructions on how to get one.

Company Information

Most of the information will already be filled out on the Company Information page. There will be a few blanks. Here’s the additional information you’ll need:

Vehicle Information

We will just need some basic vehicle information, like:

Suspensions and Credits

This part is only applies if you sold/traded/destroyed a vehicle. If you have sold/traded/destroyed a vehicle that you have previously filed your Form 2290 online for, you will need:

Payment Method

To pay the Form 2290 online, you have three different options to payment. These methods are:

The second payment you’ll make is the payment for the e-File fee. We only accept credit cards for this payment.

Keep Our Phone Number Handy

Whew…. Seems like a lot, right? It is not so bad once you get going on it. If any questions along the way, our all-American family staff is always happy to help you. Simply call us at (909) 596-0050.

Written by Molly Harris

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