ALK Technology Summit 2016

Philadelphia May 24, 2016

The ALK Technology Summit this year was a first for me. I usually attend the IFTA and IRP workshops put on by and for the jurisdictions participating in those programs.  Those are all about bringing the jurisdictions together so that they enforce the rules equitably. Attendees, mostly government employees and some industry, are interested in standards for audits, recordkeeping, legal updates or changes, and enforcement matters.

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10 Genius Summer-time Hacks

Only 10 Days Left!  e-File Your Form 2290 Before it’s Too Late!

The deadline to e-file your Form 2290 is quickly approaching. e-file from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer today. Click here to get started – you’ll be done filing in minutes!

Got Tax Questions? Call 909-596-0050


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No More Walk-Ins at IRS Offices

What Are Your Options?

The IRS recently changed its walk-in policy and you’ll now need an appointment if you’d like to visit your local IRS office to file your Form 2290. The IRS will be mailing out a post card to notify 2290 filers of this change soon. If it’s anything like previous post cards, it will recommend e-filing for those who need their Stamped Schedule 1 quickly.

But wait! There’s one more hang up. You must have an EIN to e-file, the IRS will reject a Social Security Number. The good news is that we’re here to help you.

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Pre-file the 2016-2017 HVUT Form 2290 Today!

You are a trucker and you need to get from point A to point B before you can pick up your next load. The last thing you need is to use up your spare time filing a tax form. At we make it our goal to facilitate the e-file process for you. 2290Tax offers easy filing and gets your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes.

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