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Replacing a Lost Stamped Schedule 1

July 26, 2015

What do you do if you lose your Stamped Schedule 1? 2290Tax can help. Read our guide here.

Mistakes happen, and sometimes a Stamped Schedule 1 form goes missing. This is important, of course, as the document is proof you paid your 2290 tax. Not so long ago, a missing Schedule 1 was cause for concern. Today, with e-filing, you can retrieve the document with just a few clicks and a trip to the printer.

Mail and Stamped Schedule 1 Forms

You can contact the IRS and request a replacement Stamped Schedule 1, but it takes time to process the request and replace the document. You need to fax the IRS a request to expedite the document at 859-669-3981, signed by an officer of the company. The fax must include an unstamped Schedule 1 with all relevant VINs included.

Once the IRS receives your fax, they will fax a new stamped copy within three business days. Add in any weekends or holidays, and you sometimes have to wait over a week to receive the new document—all while any affected trucks remain idle. Under such circumstances, a lost Stamped Schedule 1 can cost your company significant amounts of money and potential jobs. In short, requesting a replacement through the fax isn’t practical. Thanks to e-filing, you have a speedy alternative.

Printing a Stamped Schedule 1

If you e-filed through 2290Tax.com, you can receive a new copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 almost immediately. Simply log into your account and navigate to your Stamped Schedule 1 status page. From there, you can print or save as many copies of the document as you need. The document won’t be physically stamped. Instead, it contains the IRS watermark that’s equally valid.

E-filing frees you from dependence on IRS processing times and mail delivery delays should you ever misplace a Stamped Schedule 1. The process is also much faster than paper filing. When you paper file your 2290 form, you have to wait between four to eight weeks for the Stamped Schedule 1 to appear in the mail. With e-filing, you can generally print off the document within an hour of electronically filing your taxes. It’s faster, more reliable, and gets your truck out on the road as soon as possible.