IRS 2290 Notice Decoder – Adjusted Tax Computation

The Adjusted Tax Computation Notice is the most complicated of all the notices I get questions about – so I’m going to start here and get the difficult stuff over with. Each Adjustment is different but only a few require action. I talk about that in more detail below, but first, how do you know what notice you have?? You can tell this notice from the others because it should expressly say, “Statement of Adjustment to Your Account,” on page 1.  This IRS Form 2290 Notice is 4 pages and looks a little something like this:

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Name Corrections for Tax Form 2290

Our last article discussed how to figure out the correct name for your Form 2290. But what if you already filed with the wrong name? What if your local tag office won’t take what you have and they are demanding something different?

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What Name Belongs on Your Form 2290 – IRS Code 4481 Tells All

What Name belongs on your Stamped Schedule 1? It seems like it should be a simple question with a simple answer. The trouble is there are two answers, and two factors that go into the question. Keep reading – we’re going to try to make this as clear as mud…

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Form 2290 IRS Penalty Notice

The calls have been poring in recently about Form 2290 IRS Penalty Notices – and for good reason. It seems that the IRS issues these notices through a computer program, and if both taxes and the form aren’t received by a specific time on a specific day, that computer program automatically sends a penalty notification. Even if your information was received by the IRS 10 seconds after that computer program ran.

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IRS Finalizes Due Date for the 2012, 2290 Tax Form

The Original IRS announcement earlier this month regarding the due date of the 2012 2290 Tax Form has been updated. Initially, the IRS planned to shut down the e-file system at Noon Eastern Time and they weren’t sure when e-file would re-open.

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Form 2290 For 2012 / 2013 Tax Year

The filing period of Form 2290 for the 2012 / 2013 tax year officially opened on July 1st this year, but that doesn’t mean all is back to normal. 2290Tax learned about an upcoming IRS computer shut down that means truckers need to file their 2012 tax forms no later than August 30th. Continue reading “Form 2290 For 2012 / 2013 Tax Year”

What is Form 2290 Electronic Filing?

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Form 2290 was originally created by the federal government in the 1950’s as a tax levied on truck drivers for the purpose of maintaining highways across the United States and hasn’t changed much since then. Electronic filing, otherwise known as e-filing, represents the biggest change to Form 2290 and is more centered on how a trucker files their taxes as opposed to what gets filed. But what is it? And what do you need before you can start?

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