Why e-File?

It’s a question we’re often asked at 2290Tax.com. Why bother e-filing your 2290 IRS form? On the surface, e-filing sounds more complicated than submitting your 2290 the traditional way.

We started 2290Tax.com because we believe truckers should be on the road, not wasting their time and money standing in lines at the IRS or waiting for their Stamped Schedule 1 to turn up in the mail. With e-filing, you can get your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax submitted and paid within minutes, and gain access to your Stamped Schedule 1 within an hour.

After you sign up for an account with us, you enter basic information about your truck or fleet into our easy-to-use system. Once this information is saved to your account, you can use it year after year, which is a real timesaver whether you’re an independent contractor or a paid preparer working with a multi-vehicle fleet. You can return to your account and change information at any point.

Once you enter your vehicle’s information, paying your taxes is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The IRS receives your payment electronically, so you avoid the long processing times associated with paying by check.

At this point, if you submitted your taxes by mail, you’d have to wait for your Stamped Schedule 1 to come in the mail. Your truck’s street legal status is at the mercy of any delays in mail delivery, and if for some reason you lose the stamped document, you have to request a replacement, also by mail.

E-filing offers quick access to your Stamped Schedule 1. All you need to do is print the document. The only difference between a printed and mailed Stamped Schedule 1 is the printed document has a watermark instead of an inked stamp. Should you ever need a replacement, receiving one is as simple as signing into your 2290Tax.com account and printing a new copy.

You belong on the road, keeping America moving. E-filing can get you back out there quickly while minimizing how much you have to deal with the IRS.

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